Real Sports New Year

The summer is coming to a end and the smell of football is in the air. I love this time of year; Labor Day Week is upon us and that means, it’s the start of the College Football Season and a week later, the NFL Season kicks off. I call this great time, the Real Sports New Year.

No disrespect to other sports, but the start of the College Football is the start of the real sport’s year. Summer is very long – after the NBA Finals, the only thing to watch on TV is baseball and golf. I love golf, but I much rather play a round of golf, instead of watching it on TV, unless, Tiger Woods is in the hunt. But, like I said, the summer is long and I find myself just counting down until the start of the College Football Season.

But, when the summer is over, I get super excited just thinking about games being on TV, starting on Thursday evenings. I don’t care who is playing, I just want to watch.

Then it just keeps getting better. A month after we settle into the football season, the NBA gets started in October, right around the same time of the MLB’s World Series. I just love all the options! Can’t forget about College Basketball; their season starts a month after the start of the NBA.

So, that is why I call the first weekend in September, the Real Sports New Year. I hope you totally agree; see you on a sofa soon, with a bag of chips and a pizza order on the way; Happy Real Sports New Year!!


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