Let’s take it back to 1996-The Olympic Summer Games where in Atlanta, Georgia; a city where must African Americans went to achieve their dreams. The American dream seem so attainable and African American athletes were the face of the Olympics, on their home turf. Twenty years ago, no one would believe, the things that are taking place in 2016.

They would not believe, innocent African American kids are being murder in the streets, by police. They would not believe, that an innocent African American woman was murdered while she was in police custody. They would not believe that some of these murders were caught on tape and justice was not served.

Thinking back, none of us would believe,  the harsh reality that we are facing now.

In order to fix a problem, we must address it. Colin Kaepernick wasn’t afraid to take action. Sports have always been a great platform to challenge injustice. Kaepernick wasn’t the first African American athlete to take a stand, by not standing for the National Anthem and I hope he is not the last; unless there is no need to protest against racial injustice in the future.

It’s time to speak up and not just stand around and watch the things that are happening around us. It’s our duty to change the world and make it a better place than the one we inherited. I encourage everyone to speak up or twenty years from now, things will be worst.


One thought on “Speak

  1. So true. I think most people would have imagined things would be different now and more people have to be willing to take a stand for progress to occur in the future.

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