The Outcome

If you already knew the ending of the movie, would you still watch? Would you still give it the time of day?

Or what if  your friend told you about the ending of the movie, would you still watch? What if you went on social media and everybody is talking about the movie and ruins it for you, would you still watch?

People rarely want to watch if you they already know the outcome. Most people would consider it a waste of time.

But when it comes to the NBA, people still want to watch.

We are on the verge of the outcome everybody predicted at the beginning of the season; the Cavs and Warriors in the NBA Finals. We all know how the movie is going to end. The NBA has given us some great suspense this season. We have witness some exciting moments this season. The Sixers, show us the process. Donovan Mitchell let us know the true meaning of a rookie. The Cavs traded Kyrie to the Celtics and created a new roster before the trading deadline. But with all the drama of the regular season and both conference finals going seven games, we all know it’s going to come down to the Warriors and Cavs for the championship.

For six months, we all knew the outcome. But that’s what makes the NBA great, the build up to the finish. Even with knowing the outcome, we still want to watch.


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