Tiger Fans, Be Patient.

It’s been a while since we heard former Memphis Tigers Head Basketball Coach, Josh Pastner say; “Everybody’s good.” We all thought we were past those days. But to the naked eye, the program looks to be in worst shape. At least Pastner could recruit, early in his tenure at Memphis. Not sure what current Head Coach Tubby  Smith is doing.

But I am not here to bash the program. The program has already taken a beating. But I am here to suggest a little hope. To piggyback on Pastner famous phrase; everybody’s good-it’s not true this year in college basketball. To be honest, there are only a few good teams. Maybe only one saw far and that’s Duke. #2Kansas took a terrible lost to an un-ranked Washington team at home. #5 Florida also had a bad home lost to an un-ranked team tonight too. If Memphis was ranked and lost to Loyola-Chicago; it would be like the scene in Game of Thrones, when the town’s people wanted Ned Stark’s head, but instead of Ned, it would be Tubby.

Here’s my point.

The college game is full of talent, but a team full of young talent, doesn’t always win you championship. The last two National Championship teams were lead by upper classmen. In the past seven years, only two freshmen lead teams have won a championship and that’s; Duke in 2015 and Kentucky in 2012. Your not guaranteed to win a championship, just because you have the best freshman class. Veteran teams win championships. Coach Cal has had a top freshman recruiting class every year in the past decade, only one championship. North Carolina Head Coach Roy Williams hasn’t had many top recruiting classes lately. But he has had guys who stick around and come back to school, veteran teams. Last years championship team was not highly recruited, but they went to two consecutive championship games and were only one lucky shot away from winning back to back championships. The team they faced last year was a veteran Gonzaga team.

Give Tubby some time TigerNation. He is building a team, that will eventually know how to play together and win games. He’s not flashy and shiny, but he can coach. Give it time.


One thought on “Tiger Fans, Be Patient.

  1. It is time for a change in Memphis, when will situations change where everybody benefits ? Guess what? They won’t ,because this city is black and white about everything. This city is hell bent on not progressing, look at the Mayor he refused to take down statues that hinder Mental Growth for humanity. Every other Mayor snatched those confederate statues down and not another word was said. But Memphis, the breaking ground for Civil Rights, once again could not be counted because the leaders of this City are trash. They Sit Down, argue fuss and fight about issues that have no contributions to mankind or this city, nothing is ever positive. They have those regular meetings every Monday and feast on food we the Citizens buy while homeless people stand right outside who starve and freeze. Nothing in this city ever progresses or changes, Youth Deaths are at a all time high and the only time blacks and whites get along is a Memphis State basketball game. We don’t care about ourselves so how in the hell does one expect a city to care? If you speak up you are retaliated against , singled out and you your name put a List. Come on Memphiz, the clowns in this city do not give a damn about the citizens. Whoever selected Tubby as a coach must have been blind , he is too old, he may have been good in his day but he is expired , like the date on bread, when it’s gone , it’s gone. Why can’t this city get past the nepotism and have a clear concise thought like other cities and realize that if we dont “Pull Our Pants” up and elect some home grown Stars to lead us ” We are going to end up just like”Detroit” washed up, banged up and closed for repairs and nothing will ever be fixed. The Mid-South Coliseum should have been Re-opened as a Major Wrestling Arena creating revenue for the city and somewhere for Black kids to go, (white kids always have somewhere to go). The best wrestlers in the business came straight out of Memphis. We could have rebuilt Libertyland and then our kids could have had their idol time utilized but if our last names ain’t Wharton, Kane or Schlinker we don’t matter. ( Yall remember Sidney Schlinker )he came here and built the Pyramid and ran up credit everywhere he could in Memphis and residing cities and then died. The Pyramid sat idol for 200 years and then the bright idea of Bass Pro was thrown upon us as an idea of revenue for Memphis which still has not generated nothing. Some of us still go to Kroger and buy out catfish😂😂😂😂, I could go on and on about this city but it is no need, because nothing in Memphis will ever change. We are blinded by color and bound by association of people that contribute nothing, if it is black, you have to stay back and if it is white you right. I love everybody but these continuous injustices need to stop. Why in the hell could Penny Hardaway not have been Memphis Coach, he is talented, refined and a proven player that has succeeded on and off the court? Why in the hell would you have elected a man almost 100 years old to turn around a team that needs to be hospitalized , if I was dying I would want a surgeon not a dentist. Penny has the will to communicate Wordly with the best and give Memphis a needed facelift . Damn why can’t we just get along, in the great words of Rodney King? Why can’t we look forward to being a part of something positive and beneficial for everyone? We can’t because the leaders in this city want to keep everything worth having locked up in their closets . Isn’t it sad year after year, we dont progress anywhere? Penny Hardway could lead Memphis into its First Championship with many to follow, but the leaders of this city would rather see it Rot than Grow. I can remember reading ” I know why the cage bird sing” in Mrs. Bethel Hunt class at Hamilton High School, it is story about a struggle that never ends and years later it is real , right here in Memphis, Tennessee. We can’t because Memphis ain’t bout that Life.

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