Josh Pastner Transfers to Georgia Tech

Josh Pastner didn’t transfer, but he is leaving the University of Memphis for Georgia Tech. He is leaving for the head basketball coaching job at Georgia Tech University. A much needed fresh start for Coach Pastner and the University of Memphis.

For most of this season and last season, Coach Pastner has been under negative scrutiny from the media and the community of Memphis. It’s safe to say, that the Tigers program was heading in the wrong direction under Coach Pastner. Coach Pastner has, had some success at the University of Memphis, but the last two seasons have been terrible. The Tigers have missed the post season the last two seasons. Despite Josh’s winning record at the University of Memphis, his Tigers have never reached the Sweet Sixteen.

The fan base had given up on Pastner and the program. A lot of fans wanted the University of Memphis to fire Pastner and move in a new direction, but they decided to keep Josh and move forward. Pastner’s buyout was extremely high and the booster (that could write the check) didn’t want to pay a high number for a guy they still liked and consider a friend. Josh has a lot of supporters, because he is a very good guy. People love and respect Josh; he is a very good man. But being a good man doesn’t win you basketball games, his team was under achieving on the floor.

I believe Josh was doom from the start. Josh getting the Memphis job is similar to a parent a giving a 16 year a Bentley for their first car. The transmission has gone bad, because he didn’t know how to take care of car yet.  Josh was not ready for an elite program and shouldn’t have replace Calipari. No one wanted to replace Coach Calipari and the university had to find a coach. Josh took the job, but you can blame him for taking the job. It would be hard for anyone to turn down a Bentley for their first car.

Josh getting the Georgia Tech job was a blessing for him and the University of Memphis. Josh gets a fresh at Georgia Tech. His job won’t be threaten for a while. Georgia Tech is not an easy job and Josh is going to struggle early; but he will be given time to right the ship at Georgia Tech.

The University of Memphis showed some discipline and didn’t pull the trigger on firing Josh and it worked out perfectly for them. The University of Memphis can now hire a new head basketball coach and hopefully save the program. The next coach at the University of Memphis has to be a homerun hire. The search is on and hopefully Tiger Nation will be satisfied with their next head coach.


One thought on “Josh Pastner Transfers to Georgia Tech

  1. Let us begin by saying A Penny saved is a PENNY well earned. It is no secret that Penny Hardaway would be a well thought out decision to LEAD our home-grown MEMPHIS TIGERS to a well deserved CHAMPIONSHIP, that is in this Century.( hurry up y’all the world is ending!) Let us not be weary in well-doing and be blind-sided to say WHAT if this and WHAT if that? What if you had kept PASTNER, someone who wanted all the spotlight, he wanted all the attention on him and not OUR HOMEGROWN TIGERS. He took their names off their jerseys, which was very SIGNIFICANT of what SLAVE MASTERS did back in SLAVERY?( did someone mention slavery?) HE and several MEMPHIS REPORTERS often referred to the TIGERS as ROGUES? WHY? Why is it when, they began to express themselves PASTNER always threatened them with suspensions or no sugar in their cookies? (Someone laugh out loud now), PLEASE. PASTNER NEVER HAD ANY success AT MEMPHIS FROM THE FIRST DAY WHEN HE UNPACKED HIS SUITCASE, he unpacked on CALIPARIS bed and stood on PENNYS-PENNIES ON the ground. Come on CALPARI poured the concrete, PENNY smoothed It over and JOSH PASTNER was looking out the window and drove through it as soon as they left, but he got stuck. Stuck like a duck in some S&^%, he tried to make people believe in. He and his friend had cut their fingers and shared blood on a pinky kiss that no matter what happened , no one would tell on each other, but WAIT, what about the blood that dropped on the carpet that day that was never cleaned up. Maybe just maybe if everything had been swept up under the carpet that day then it would have BLOWN away without a trace, BUT BLOOD has DNA,and trails that invite recruiters to speak at ALUMNI DINNERS when you two never had contact anymore? Why would anyone go in BASKIN& ROBBIN if you don’t like icecream,( they don’t sell CHEESEBURGERS?) Why would you keep having sex if you wanted no children? maybe to stay in shape?( SOMEBODY PLEASE LAUGH TWICE OUT LOUD). Thank GOD right now for the BOOSTER THAT REFUSED TO WRITE THE CHECK, HE IS TO BE COMMENDED, MAYBE HE CAN SEND Josh A box OF STARBURST SINCE HE HAS NEVER HAD SUGAR, SMILE. Why was it written over and over again , that JOSH is a good man, he is a good guy, BUT HE WAS NOT AND WILL NEVER BE A GOOD LEADER, BECAUSE HE DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO EFFECT THE AFFECTS OF THE PLAYERS ABILITIES TO ASSIT THEM IN APPLYING THEIR TALENT TO THE BALL, OR BALLGAME. Being the best is not about being a good person, CHARACTER CANNOT BE DEFINED IN DEVELOPING A TEAM OR A PERSON ON HOW TO WIN .AT BASKETBALL, BUT PERFECTING A PERSONS TALENT TO MAXMIZE THAT SPORT WILL DEPEND UPON HIS OR HER SELF-WORTH PUT IN AND MANAGED BY THAT COACH THAT WILL BRING THE VICTORY. PASTNER WANTED ALL THE GLORY AND ATTENTION, not CALAPARI AND NOT PENNY. The spotlight was always given to the young MEN running the ball, it was always WE, THEY, US AND OUR TEAM. HOW CAN YOU NOT BLAME JOSH FOR WASTING OUR TIME AND MONEY, he was grown when he accepted the job, he was not delivered in pampers and held to burp, when he signed the contract. Really folks when are we getting back to all I do is WIN, WIN, WIN, RICK ROSS is waiting on us at the breakout party.It is going to be at WINGSTOP, the one PENNY HARDAWAY IS GOING TO BUILD ON MEMPHIS CAMPUS right next to his new office WHEN HE IS FORMALLY INTRODUCED. Let us be for real THIS TIME, an even swap aint never been no swindle, PENNY GAVE MEMPHIS MILLIONS, DONT GET IT TWISTED. HE SHOWED US HIS HEART WAS BLUE AND WHITE, NOW WHY CANT WE RETURN THE favor as citizens of MEMPHIS and select a Top of the LINE RECRUT, FORMER NBA SHOWOUT AND COULD HAVE BEEN AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL,AND needs to be the Head and not the tail, the Beginning and not the end, a smart, intelligent and well developed young man who is ready for the HOMERUN!!!!!!!!GO PENNY WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

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