Still A Reason To Smile

What if I told you a coach recruited the number one recruiting class in America and had three returning players; one senior and two sophomores. Despite the team being the youngest team in the country; the coach believe his team could compete for a National Championship. All the hype, excited the city. But then….The number […]

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Real Sports New Year

The summer is coming to a end and the smell of football is in the air. I love this time of year; Labor Day Week is upon us and that means, it’s the start of the College Football Season and a week later, the NFL Season kicks off. I call this great time, the Real […]

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The Outcome

If you already knew the ending of the movie, would you still watch? Would you still give it the time of day? Or what if  your friend told you about the ending of the movie, would you still watch? What if you went on social media and everybody is talking about the movie and ruins […]

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Better Days

Sitting at my computer looking at my first Memphis Grizzlies playoff flag; “Believe Memphis” written in blue letters on a yellow towel. The 2009-2010 season was one of the best seasons in Grizzlies history. I remember being at the FedExForum for the watch party for Game 1 against the San Antonio Spurs. I had group project […]

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Memphis Revival

I forgot how feels to be excited about Memphis Men’s Basketball. I can’t sugarcoat it; the last few years have been terrible. I know the program won 21 games this year and finished 5th in the AAC standings, but there was no excitement. To be honest, nobody cared. I believe a lot of Tiger fans […]

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The Blue House

I have heard good things about the Memphis Tigers Men’s Basketball new practice facility; but when I saw it today with my own eyes-wow. Just walking up to the place was amazing, love at first sight. Felt like I was in a movie and you know in every great movie, there is always music playing during a big scene; there was music playing in my head. I […]

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Tank Blues

It’s safe to say, the Grind City is not used to the current state of the Grizzlies. The Memphis Grizzlies are off to rough start; 15-28. The team has been playing better lately, but there is still a large hill to climb, to get back in the playoff race. So the Grizzlies are facing a […]

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Tiger Fans, Be Patient.

It’s been a while since we heard former Memphis Tigers Head Basketball Coach, Josh Pastner say; “Everybody’s good.” We all thought we were past those days. But to the naked eye, the program looks to be in worst shape. At least Pastner could recruit, early in his tenure at Memphis. Not sure what current Head […]

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I’ve been playing golf lately; I love it, but I sucked at first. I mean terrible. But I was determined to get better. I worked on my swing everyday. I figured out what I was doing wrong and got tips and watched videos on how I could improve my swing. My swing finally got better, […]

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