Chill Memphis

The battle for happiness has always been a struggle in the city of Memphis. The city is so used to disappointment that they seem to expect it. If there is any indication of trouble, we think the worse instead of looking at the glass half full. The trouble stirring now in our sport’s community is […]


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Talk About Them, The Grizzlies.

The Memphis Grizzlies are the hottest team in the NBA, and the National Media doesn’t want to talk about them. I guess they haven’t gotten over the dream match-up that didn’t happen, the Utah Jazz and Golden State Warriors. TV ratings would have been sky-high for Curry versus Mitchell. But the second-youngest team in the […]

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Defense Set

Coach Hardaway revealed the Tiger’s new offensive last week against USF, “Lions Set.” The offense consists of much better ball movement and fewer three-point attempts. The key questions are, was it effective? It’s hard to tell after one game, but Penny establishes something extraordinary. I call it the Defensive Set. The Tigers are an outstanding […]

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In Penny We Trust

It’s year three of the Penny Reign at the University of Memphis. Year three was supposed to be the year where everything would come together for the Tigers. We all knew Penny’s first year wasn’t going to be easy, but Penny did an excellent job. The Tigers finished with a record of 22-14 and a […]

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Still A Reason To Smile

What if I told you a coach recruited the number one recruiting class in America and had three returning players; one senior and two sophomores. Despite the team being the youngest team in the country; the coach believe his team could compete for a National Championship. All the hype, excited the city. But then….The number […]

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Real Sports New Year

The summer is coming to a end and the smell of football is in the air. I love this time of year; Labor Day Week is upon us and that means, it’s the start of the College Football Season and a week later, the NFL Season kicks off. I call this great time, the Real […]

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The Outcome

If you already knew the ending of the movie, would you still watch? Would you still give it the time of day? Or what if  your friend told you about the ending of the movie, would you still watch? What if you went on social media and everybody is talking about the movie and ruins […]

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Better Days

Sitting at my computer looking at my first Memphis Grizzlies playoff flag; “Believe Memphis” written in blue letters on a yellow towel. The 2009-2010 season was one of the best seasons in Grizzlies history. I remember being at the FedExForum for the watch party for Game 1 against the San Antonio Spurs. I had group project […]

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Memphis Revival

I forgot how feels to be excited about Memphis Men’s Basketball. I can’t sugarcoat it; the last few years have been terrible. I know the program won 21 games this year and finished 5th in the AAC standings, but there was no excitement. To be honest, nobody cared. I believe a lot of Tiger fans […]

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