Still A Reason To Smile

What if I told you a coach recruited the number one recruiting class in America and had three returning players; one senior and two sophomores. Despite the team being the youngest team in the country; the coach believe his team could compete for a National Championship. All the hype, excited the city.

But then….The number one recruit in the country was ruled ineligible by the NCAA and would have to set out twelve games (could have been 9, if the team didn’t play him two games, while being ineligible). While the the number one player was sitting out; one the 4-star recruits, injured his had and would miss four weeks. That’s not all, the number one recruit decided to leave school, two games before his return.

That’s not all; two of the top freshman, would suffer from the flu for two games. Two games after returning, one of the freshman would suffer a season ending injury.

Not many coaches could still thrive under this much misfortune. But what if I tell you, this team is 17-7 and still playing hard and growing.

What I just shared with you is the story of the Memphis Tigers current basketball season.


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