Kyrie: You can win without him, but you can’t “win” without him.

“Is Kyrie really that much of a difference maker or has his teams been nice? Cleveland and Boston about to make it to the Eastern Conference Finals without Kyrie.”

My friend poses this question to me this morning about Kyrie and its got me thinking-how good is Kyrie Irving? Both teams are back in the same spot, they were last year; the Eastern Conference Finals. Different rosters, but the same results. Both teams are without Kyrie Irving, but the same spot.

So, I pose the same question to you. Is Kyrie, really a difference maker?

But, let me give you my opinion first…..

Damn right Kyrie is difference maker. Kyrie is one of the best guards in the NBA. He is one of the best scores in the NBA and he has shown this season, he is a good leader too. The Celtics were on pace to be the number seed in the Eastern Conference until Kyrie had season ending surgery. It’s just unfortunate Kyrie injury is causing him to miss the entire playoffs. I truly believe with a healthy Kyrie and Gordon Haywood; the Celtics would’ve been the favorites to win the Eastern Conference.

But, we can’t forget about the job,  LeBron James has done this season and is doing in the playoffs. If I had a vote, he would be this year’s MVP. Losing Kyrie has been difficult for the Cavs this season, but LeBron is having an expressive year. The Cavs basically got nothing in return for Kyrie and the pieces they did received, they traded them to the Lakers. But, LeBron is caring this team back to the Eastern Conference Finals and are the clear-cut favorites to make it to the NBA Finals.

The Cavs and Celtics will face each other in the Eastern Conference Finals, unless the 76ers can pull off  a miracle. Both teams are good enough to make it to the Eastern Conference Finals, but neither team will be good enough to compete for championship, without Kyrie.

So Mario (my friend who posed the question), Kyrie is a difference maker, a championship contending, difference maker.


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