Better Days

Sitting at my computer looking at my first Memphis Grizzlies playoff flag; “Believe Memphis” written in blue letters on a yellow towel. The 2009-2010 season was one of the best seasons in Grizzlies history. I remember being at the FedExForum for the watch party for Game 1 against the San Antonio Spurs. I had group project meeting for a school project, but I could resist being Downtown. The Rajun Cajun Crawfish Festival and Africa In April were happening at the same time; Downtown was jumping and I was there full of spirit. A local television station asked me some questions about the game and the watch party, I remember telling them, the Grizzlies being in the playoffs was good look for the city. The only thing I remember after that interview was Shane Battier hitting the game-winning shot to give the Grizzlies their first-ever playoff win. 

If you would have told me on that Sunday afternoon; the Grizzlies would make seven straight playoffs appearances and one trip to the Western Conference Finals, I would laugh and said no way. But eight years later, we did, a new tradition in Memphis to joint the start of festival season. But this year we are experiencing something different, No Playoffs.

This has been a very tough season, the city has spoiled with winning season, for the past eight years.  But better days are coming. I believe the Grizzlies will only be awful for one season. Robert Pera, sent an email to season ticket holders to let them know, he will keep control of the team and he plans on keeping the team in Memphis. The season was terrible, but there is some hope for next season. We finally saw development from our young players. Dillon Brooks is a legit rotation player and we saw some promise from Kobi Simmons and Ivan Rabb; this is rare for the Grizzlies front office. I am pretty sure there is not a nice way to say it, but the past picks haven’t been good. But hopefully, we can continue the recent trend from last year. 

So GrizzNation, we can look forward to the draft lottery and our future top four picks. I believe with a healthy Mike Conley and Marc Gasol and a top draft pick, the Grizzlies will be back in the playoff hunt next season. So, the future “Luka” bright, better days are coming. C497A20B-F7A3-42B7-8969-A4AEA8C1BB09


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