Tank Blues

8D0A1084-3973-447E-A3E7-7CAA4F72EAC9It’s safe to say, the Grind City is not used to the current state of the Grizzlies. The Memphis Grizzlies are off to rough start; 15-28. The team has been playing better lately, but there is still a large hill to climb, to get back in the playoff race.

So the Grizzlies are facing a huge question, that must fans and local sports broadcasters have already answered for them; tank or not tank. The draft is loaded with great young talent. But there is a huge talent gap between the top 5 picks and the lower half of the lottery.

But what should the Grizzlies do? I listen to talk radio everyday and all I hear is tank, tank, tank. Should they tank and hope to land a top pick? Should they trade Marc Gasol or Mike Conley and do a total rebuild? Or should they do a graceful tank and rest players?

I am personally against tanking. Not many teams tank and become successful the next season or the season after. I believe tanking on purpose can set you up for years of failure. The best team in the NBA didn’t tank to become great, the Warriors drafted well and they got lucky signing Kevin Durant. But the Warriors won a championship without him.

The Philadelphia 76ers have tank for the past four years, they have some young talent, but still not a playoff team. Plus injuries have derailed them too. I believe the injuries are karma, from the basketball gods, just my opinion.

The Cleveland Cavaliers tank for a couple of seasons after LeBron left and got three number one picks in the draft. It kinda work for them, but they have traded away of three picks. The return of LeBron is a big part of their success. I am pretty sure, the Grizzlies are not signing LeBron or any player of his caliber. So the Cleveland route will not work for us.

So, let me say this again, I am against tanking.

Memphis is a small market and all Memphians know and have witnessed, the city will not support a losing team.

I believe the Grizzlies should fight and try to win as many games as possible and fight for a playoff spots. Even if you don’t make it; you go into next season with momentum. Look at the Philadelphia Eagles for example. Last season, they could have tank and secured a high draft pick, but they didn’t. The Eagles finished strong and developed there young guys and are one win away from the Super Bowl this season.

So on the eve of Zack Randolph’s returning to the GrindHouse, let’s keep fighting and see how the season, plays out. We Don’t Tank!!



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