The Blue House

I have heard good things about the Memphis Tigers Men’s Basketball new practice facility; but when I saw it today with my own eyes-wow. Just walking up to the place was amazing, love at first sight. Felt like I was in a movie and you know in every great movie, there is always music playing during a big scene; there was music playing in my head. I can’t tell you which song it was, but it was playing.

I was super excited walking through the doors for the first time. Soon as I walk through the front doors I was hit with Tigers history. I forget how much great history and tradition the program has created over the years. The program has given the city some great memories and the Laurie-Walton Basketball Center captures all of those great memories. Every Memphian has enjoyed an era of Memphis Tigers Basketball; the Larry Finch Era, the Andre Turner Era, the Elliot Perry Era, the Penny Hardaway Era (My personal favorite) and the CDR and Antonio Anderson Era.

We love our Tigers and we want to see them return to their rightful place in college basketball. I believe the University of Memphis is doing a great job at getting the program back to a respectful place. They have given the basketball staff an important weapon in recruiting, with the new basketball center. Anyone who loves the game of basketball would fall in love with the Laurie-Walton Basketball Center. I honestly did not want to leave. It’s a gym rat’s heaven.

The place will recruit itself! It will play a major part in recruiting and the future of the program! Great job, University of Memphis.


P.S. I forgot to explain the title, The Blue House. The Laurie-Walton Basketball Center reminds me of the White House. Not sure how you feel about the person that is occupying the White House right now, but the White House is still an amazing place. That’s the feeling I got walking up to the Tigers new center, so I named it The Blue House.



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