No Deal! The NBA is Lockout!

REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

NBA talks collapsed and the lockout will begin tonight at
midnight.  The labor agreement will
expire tonight at midnight and the owners will lock out their players.

The lockout could have a huge impact on the 2011-2012 season.
There might not be a season if the owners and players don’t come up with a new
deal before the season is schedule to starts in late October.

The major dispute that has caused the lockout is teams are
losing money. The revenues that owners receive from ticket sales and TV deals
are not enough. Most of the teams are losing money, 22 of the 30 teams in the
NBA are losing money.

The owners want to establish a hard salary cap. They want to
cut back on player’s salary, share a smaller portion of team revenues and
shorten the length of player contracts. Players are not agreeing with this idea
and have no plans on giving the owners what they want.

A lot the owners also own NHL teams as well as NBA teams.
The NHL had a similar problem and they had a lockout. The NHL missed an entire
season as a result of their lockout. The miss season was a reason for the
players to agree with the owners, because they didn’t want to miss another
season and lose more money. I’m afraid that the owners will try the same
strategy with their NBA teams.

This past season was great for the NBA. A lot of fans tuned
in and watch games on different networks. Fans attended more games and bought
more merchandise. The social media has also helped the growth of the league.
Fans can now follow their favorite players on Twitter and Facebook. They can also
get great information from these sites about their favorite teams or players
and stay up to date on the latest NBA news.

You would believe with the success that the NBA is experiencing
that they would not want to have a lockout. But, it’s also a good reason to
have lockout. The NBA would whether have a work lockout when the league is in high
demand than to have one when the league is not.

I hope the lockout is not long and we have a season next
year. The lockout doesn’t start till midnight tonight and I already miss the
NBA. Please owners and player, get a deal together! Because you will truly be


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