“Mama There Goes That Man!” Mark Jackson, New Head Coach at Golden State.

The man who came up with the great phrases, “Mama there
goes that man” and “Hand down, Man down” is the new coach of the Golden State

Mark Jackson is replacing Keith Smart. Smart only coach the Warriors
for one season. The Warriors wanted to go in a new direction and hired Jackson.

ESPN reports that Jackson deal is worth $6 million over
three years with a team option for a fourth year.

Mark Jackson has never held a head coaching job in the NBA,
but he has a lot of NBA experience. Jackson played 17 years in the NBA. He played
for 7 NBA teams during his 17 years in the NBA.
Mark Jackson won the Rookie of the Year Award in the NBA in 1988.
Jackson made the playoffs 14 times in his career and is also third on the NBA’s
all-time assists list.

I believe Mark Jackson will be a good coach for the Warriors.
The Warriors  already have some key players on the roster with  Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry. Mark Jackson played the point guard
position his entire NBA career; I believe he will help elevate Stephen
Curry’s game. A lot of NBA coaches that where former point guards in the NBA
have become good coaches in the NBA.

The Golden State Warriors will be very exciting team to watch next
season. The organization has made some major moves to insure success in the
future, by hiring Jerry West and Mark Jackson as head coach. The
Warriors are moving in the right direction.


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