Joerger Bomb! Grizzlies Fired Head Coach Dave Joerger.

We all wonder what the first move of the Grizzlies offseason would be–we never thought the first move would be firing head coach Dave Joerger. I’m puzzled, we never saw this coming, but did we–Coach Joerger was never shy about voicing his opinion about the front office to the media. Coach Joerger said the team was old  and […]


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The Origins of Grit N Grind

The Grit N Grind era started after Tony Allen’s walk off press conference in Oklahoma City. We all remember the famous chant, that gave the Grizzlies their identity, “It’s all about heart. Grit and Grind.” I believe Grit N Grind was developing way before Tony’s chant. Grit N Grind  was developed before it had a title. I […]

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Why Not Memphis?

 Rumors surfaced today – the Grizzlies plan to pursue Kevin Durrant this summer. The Grizzlies want to create a big three that would include Kevin Durrant, Marc Gasol and Mike Conley. Some people believe this will never happen, but I asked; why not? Kevin would be a perfect fit with the core four; the missing […]

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Penny Is Change You Can Bank On

 Tiger’s basketball used to be the talk of the town in Memphis, Tennessee. Now people don’t even know what time the next game starts or who the Tigers are playing. It’s safe to say, Coach Pastner’s time is up. The program is at an all-time low. Sunday’s loss against ECU was the last strike for […]

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Still Grinding

The Memphis Grizzlies started the season with great promise. Championship or bust is the goal in the Bluff City. Last season ended roughly, being up 2-1 on the Warriors was very exciting but short lived. The Grizzlies were no match to the eventually NBA Champions, losing the next three games, two on their home-court. The […]

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Who is Cameron Payne?

The starting sophomore point guard for the Murray State Racers, Cameron Payne is one of the best-kept secrets in college basketball. Cameron Payne is 6-2 All American guard from Memphis, Tennessee. That is right, Memphis, Tennessee. Cameron was not a highly recruited high school prospect. The entire nation overlooked Cameron; expect Murray State and a […]

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