I’ve been playing golf lately; I love it, but I sucked at first. I mean terrible. But I was determined to get better. I worked on my swing everyday. I figured out what I was doing wrong and got tips and watched videos on how I could improve my swing.

My swing finally got better, but the hardest part wasn’t over- I had to find consistency. I would hit the ball pefect, for like an hour and then my old habits would creep back up. I almost hit three people at the golf range. Super frustrating and funny at the same time; but I had to learn, to get out of my own way and stick to the process. I had to put in the work and I would see results.

I believe the Memphis Grizzlies are going through something very similar to my golf swing. The last two weeks have been difficult for the team. Entering into Wednesday’s night match up with Dallas, the Grizzlies are on a five game losing streak. The team started off with the NBA’s best record 5-1; and now the team is two games under .500.

This stretch has been difficult for the team and the fan base. But just like golf, it’s a process. The team is dealing with injuries and working in new players to the mix. Just like my swing, it takes a time to process all the changes. But the key is to stick to the process. Work out the kinks and stay focus. Then once you find what works, you have to learn to be consistent and create good habits.

The team is very deep and players are learning there roles and also learning to play together. Everyone seems focus and determine to turn things around.  Just give it some time GrizzNation-Just like my golf swing, things will get better.


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