Coach Calipari Returns to the Miserables

It’s been a long time since Coach John Calipari walk through the tunnels of FedEx Forum-2010 to be exact. But his return to the city, which he called the Miserables could be very soon. 

I’m not sure if the city of Memphis is ready for his return. The Memphis Tigers have not been the same since he left the program and took everything with him. Just thinking about the recruiting class he took with him to Kentucky, still gives me an headache. I pretty sure a lot of Memphians feel the same way. 

We loved him, when he weared our shade of blue. He gave us some great times, but he also broke our hearts when he left. He lied to us; “I’m not leaving Memphis. I love it here”. A couple hours later, he signed with Kentucky. 

I don’t fault him for following his dreams. But he could have handle the situation a lot better. Take Coach Justin Fuente (Former Memphis Football Coach) situation for an example, he didn’t lie to us. He left Memphis for a better job, but he did it with class.

Next week could be a made for TV drama in the FedEx Forum. If Coach Cals’s Wildcats win their first two games in the NCAA Tournament, the next stop will be Memphis for the Sweet Sixteen. 

It’s going to be a wild and crazy weekend in Memphis. If Coach Cal cuts down the nets and advances to the Final Four, it will be another slap in the face to Tigers Nation, on our home floor. 


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