Free Tony Allen

GrizzNation, here we go again. Another coach benching Tony Allen. We have seen this before with Coach Lionel Hollis, we have seen this with Coach Dave Joerger and now we are seeing it with Coach Fizdale.

I don’t understand it-why bench Tony? The past three coaches seem to have some idea of how the Grizzlies should preform, but everybody knows the key to success for this team is the core four (Zach, Tony, Marc and Mike). It’s been that way for almost ten years now.

Lionel, tried to do different things, starting Xavier Henry over Tony Allen. Lionel was force to play Tony, because of injuries. Joerger was in love with Jeff Green. The Grizzlies had the best record in the NBA (13-3), to start the 2014 season-with Tony in the starting lineup with Courtney Lee. The Grizzlies later traded for Jeff Green and the chemistry was never the same.

Now we come to this season. Coach Fiz, threw out a strange lineup against the worst team in the league, the Brooklyn Nets. No Tony Allen!

The past two coaches and current coach wanted the Grizzles to play faster and get younger. It’s not going to happen. It’s not going to work. We are who we are, and you can’t change what works. We are an old veteran team, that’s built on defense and pounding the paint. The Grizzlies are built for the playoffs. Injuries have kept us from seeing the full potential of this team in past playoff runs. But I believe this season will be different. The Grizzlies have added some three point shooting this season-which has been a struggle in the past for the Grizzlies. I can  only imagine the damage the Grizzlies can do in the playoffs if the stay healthy and Coach Fiz sticks to the program.

So I plead with you Coach Fiz; Play the core four more together and Free Tony Allen. I promise you, it will work.


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