Joerger Bomb! Grizzlies Fired Head Coach Dave Joerger.

We all wonder what the first move of the Grizzlies offseason would be–we never thought the first move would be firing head coach Dave Joerger. I’m puzzled, we never saw this coming, but did we–Coach Joerger was never shy about voicing his opinion about the front office to the media. Coach Joerger said the team was old  and slow and he constantly voiced his discomfort about the mid-season trade of Jeff Green and Courtney Lee.

Coach Joerger made a comment at Grizzles Closing Media Day that might eluded us to his future firing, when he said he wouldn’t be apart of the draft process. Maybe he knew his faith before the news was release to us today. It’s hard to believe this would happen after Joerger’s emotional press conference after Game 4 loss to the Spurs. Joerger’s emotional speech made national media and grab the attention of sports fan across the nation.

I believe Joerger would have been fired mid-season if the Grizzlies didn’t experience one of the toughest seasons of NBA history; 28 players suited up for the Grizzlies due to injuries. It’s amazing the Grizzlies made the playoffs. But the Grizzlies were struggling before the injuries. Mike Conley said so himself during his exit interview. He said the team was struggling before the injuries and the team had to make some moves to improve the roster before he would resign with the Grizzlies.

Maybe the team will be better without Joerger. The Grizzlies were still using old formulas to continue their success. Former head coach Lionel Hollins system seem to work best for this group of Grizzlies. The team was still wining from former Grizzlies Owner Michael Heisley three year plan. We never really got a chance to see if Joerger could lead this team with his own system. Mike and Marc expressed there discomfort with Joerger’s system during the season when the team was healthy.

I hope the front office made the right move.





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