Why Soccer Doesn’t Work in America

20140702-023145-9105167.jpgThis year’s World Cup has created a lot of buzz in the United States of America. The National Team has grasp the hearts of many Americans and bought their attention to the game of soccer. Soccer, which is consider football to the rest of the world is not a major sport in America. People wonder why soccer doesn’t translate well in America, like basketball and American football. The reason why, because you can’t make tv money from soccer. American football is perfect for tv. There are many timeouts and stoppage of play to sale adds to companies. Think about it, Super Bowl tv adds are sold for millions of dollars. Soccer is the complete opposite of American football. There are no timeouts and stoppage of play. Only halftime. So it’s hard to generate money from soccer. TV deals are what drives national sports leagues in America. More fans watch the games on TV, than actually going to the game. The only way soccer can grow in America is to find away to market during the games. The old way of commercials will not work for soccer.   <img src=”https://getrealsportssm.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/20140702-023220-914025 20140702-023339-9219168.jpg


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