Duke vs. North Carolina, Nuff Said.

austin-rivers-getty-storyThe battle for Tobacco Road is very serious battle in the state of North Carolina. Every college basketball fan marks their calendar for Duke vs. North Carolina. This is one of the most anticipated match-ups of the college basketball season.

This season Duke is the better team on paper, but North Carolina has beaten some rank teams this year. It has been a very strange year for the Tar heels, many vicissitudes. Big wins over Louisville, Kentucky and Michigan State; but bad loses to Belmont and UAB. It is safe to say, you never know what Carolina team is going to show up.

Duke has also had a sub par year so far. The Blue Devils enter this game with a 19-5 record. Duke has played one of the hardest schedules this season in college basketball. They played Kansas, Arizona, Michigan, and Syracuse, to name a few. A bright side for Duke, they have best freshman in college basketball, Jabari Parker.

The records do not matter, when Duke and North Carolina battle each other. This will be a great game. Jabari Parker will shine tonight. This Duke team is one of most athletic teams Coach K has ever coach. The Blue Devils, might have five loses, but they will make a run in March.

Which Caroline team will show up tonight? Will Carolina pull off another big win or will a freshman break the hearts of Carolina fans again. Everyone remembers the shot Austin Rivers made two years ago.

I believe the game will not be close tonight, Duke wins, by 15 or more.


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