Same Ole Dallas Cowboys


The Cowboys started the season doing something, they have not done since they moved into their new home stadium, beat the New York Giants. The Cowboy’s faithful was hoping for change and a return to the Super Bowl. However, in-game two against the Kansas City Chiefs, the ole Cowboys show themselves.

The same problems emerge for the Cowboys, the blame game. Coach Garrett blame the lost on play calling. Does this sound familiar to Cowboy’s fans? Garrett was relieved of his duties as play caller for the Cowboys this season. Offensive line coach, Bill Callahan is the new play caller for the Cowboys.

My personal belief, that the Cowboys misfortunes have nothing to do with the play calling. I believe Cowboys have plenty of talent and can be very productive this season. However, they have to play football and leave the drama behind. Jerry Jones has to let the people who he hired, do their jobs and not interfere. Jason Garrett has to stand up for his team and stand up to Jerry Jones. Tony Romo has to be the start quarterback that the Cowboys are paying him to be.

The first step I would take to fix the Cowboys would be, to get rid of Jerry Jones, but that will never happen. Therefore, I would fire Jason Garrett and get a coach that is highly respected in the NFL. When the Cowboys were winning Super Bowls, they had coaches that were not afraid of Jerry.

The Dallas Cowboys need new leadership, if this does not change, 8-8 and no playoffs again for Cowboys.


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