Shonda Rhimes Wrote the Plot for the NBA Finals

ImageThis year’s NBA Finals have been full with unbelievable drama. Tony Parker’s amazing shot in Game 1 was the start of the drama full series. Game 2 was the start of the blowouts. Each team responded to previous loses with superb performances the next game. No team has won back-to-back games. This leaves fans and non-fans with a Game 7 on Thursday, June 20, 2013.

Game 6 had to been written by Shonda Rhimes. This game was a story of two half, Duncan own the first half with 25 points. LeBron took over the second half, without hit famous headband. The Spurs were so close to winning a championship. The trophy was on its way out to the court.

Tony Parker made five straight points and Heat fans were leaving the game. Coach Pop took Duncan out the game and the Heat got a second chance shot, and LeBron made a big three. A missed a free throw and Duncan not on the floor again, second chance shot for Ray Allen to tie the game. Overtime and the Spurs just gave this game away.

The spectacle of Game 6 has everybody arranged to see Game 7. Shonda Rhimes is famous for her astonishing plots for Scandal. Game 6 was very similar to an episode of Scandal, had everybody on the edge of their seats, ready for more. I am sure that she and the rest of the world will be watching on Thursday night.


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