Josh Selby VS Brandon Jennings

Photo by Nikki Boertman

GrizzNation, there are a bunch of reasons to get excited
about next season. But here is a huge one, Josh Selby! Josh Selby just recently
had a battle with a top player in the NBA in Baltimore this weekend. Josh
went head-to-head with Brandon Jennings in Carmelo Anthony’s Summer League in
Baltimore. Both players got heated after trading buckets in the second half.
Selby got the best of Jennings, scoring 48 points and getting the win. There is
a lot of buzz leading up to their next match up. Grizzlies’ fans, we have
another weapon!


One thought on “Josh Selby VS Brandon Jennings

  1. I think he was a good grab for the Grizz. They will have 2 solid PG’s, which is valuable in the league. Grizz might be able to make a run next year. If we have a season of course!

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