Miami,There’s A Dirk in The Water!

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Dirk and the Mavericks are right on the shores of South
Beach and the Larry O’Brien Trophy is in their grasp. The Dallas Mavericks can
close out the NBA Finals tonight in Miami.

Game six of the NBA Finals are tonight in Miami. The Dallas
Mavericks are up in this best of seven series 3-2. Dallas won their last game
at home to take a 3-2 lead in this series. Jason Terry and Dirk Nowitzki and
the rest of the Mavs are looking for the first ring tonight in Miami.

Terry and Dirk have a unique bond; they both were part of
the 2006 Mavericks which lost the title to the Miami Heat. That Miami Heat team
was lead by Dwyane Wade and recently retired great Shaquille O’Neal. Terry and
Dirk said that the lost in 2006 still hunts them to this day. I believe that
the lost and the fact that both players are toward the end of their careers’
will give them the fuel and the fire they need to win a championship.

Both Terry and Dirk are in the latter half of their careers’
like most of the players who play for the Mavericks. I believe this gives the
Mavericks that edge that they need to win. They know how hard it is to win a
championship and they know that they don’t have a lot of time to win a title. Jason
Kidd, Shawn Marion and a lot of the others guys have had success in their
careers’, but they all seek that first ring.

Game six tonight will give the Mavs a chance to make
history. Tonight is also a chance for Terry and Dirk to avenge their lost to
Wade in 2006. The Mavs have a chance to prove the world wrong, no one expected
them to be in the Finals, let alone to be in the position they are in today.

So go out there and make history today Dallas and win the
Larry O’Brien Trophy. Go Mavs!


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