Who Was Shaq’s Best SideKick?

The man we call Shaq is retiring from the game of basketball. Shaq played 19 seasons in the NBA. He’s fifth in the all-time NBA’s scoring list. He had 15 appearances in the NBA All-Star Game. Shaq’s personality captivated the entire
NBA for many years. There will never be another Shaq.  It’s a sad day in the NBA and we will missed him. 

Shaq won 4 NBA Championships and Shaq had some good sidekicks to help him win those titles. The last title he won was with the Miami Heat, 2006. Shaq’s sidekick was Dwyane Wade aka Flash. Shaq and Flash were a great tandem, just ask Dirk and Jason Terry.

Shaq won his other 3 titles with the Los Angeles Lakers. Shaq
played eight seasons with Lakers and we all know about his teammate and
sometimes rival, Kobe Bryant. Kobe and Shaq were able to put their differences
aside to win 3 titles, but the Lakers soon realize that the city was not big enough for the both of them.

Then there was Penny Hardaway. Penny and Shaq were teammates
in Orlando for three seasons. Shaq only played four seasons in Orlando and
people can only wonder what could have been. Shaq and Penny lead the young and
gifted Magic to the NBA Finals in 1995, but they loss to the Houston Rockets.

So, who was Shaq’s best sidekick? A lot people will say Kobe,
because he won three rings with Kobe. But, you can make the argument that Wade
won a championship with a much older Shaq. So were does this leave Penny? 
I believe Penny was his best sidekick. Penny was a 6’7
point guard that could do it all. He was the blueprint for the other guys. Penny
was one of the few players Jordan had a hard stopping and Jordan had a lot of respected for Penny. 

Penny and Shaq accomplished a lot together in three seasons. The Shaq and Penny days are still admired by those who love the game of basketball. I just wonder what could have been. How many championships could they have won together? Would Jordan have won all those titles if Penny and Shaq stayed together? What is your opinion? Who do you believe was Shaq’s best sidekick?


One thought on “Who Was Shaq’s Best SideKick?

  1. Yo, I think Penny was the best side kick due to the position he played. Kobe and Wade played the 2 primarily and they were scorers rather than distributors. Penny and Shaq was on their way to becoming the next Magic and Kareem. If Shaq would have stayed they would have got atleast 2-3 rings if Penny would have stayed healthy.

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